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Principal Design Advisory


CDM 2015 Consultancy


CDM Consult are fully conversant with all areas of the CDM 2015 Regulations and can assist Clients, Principal Designers, Designers, Principal Contractors and Contractors to ensure they comply with their duties under the Regulations. 

The services we can provide include:

 - Advice on duties and ensuring compliance under the regulations for all duty holders.

- Assess the skills, knowledge and experience of proposed appointees including consultants,   designers and contractors

- Ensure Health and Safety is addressed in designs / assisting with design risk management

- Assist in the preparation of pre-construction information

- Assist in the development of management proposals for the works

- Assist in the preparation of Construction Phase Plans. CDM site / welfare inspections 

- Advice on standards to be achieved, assisting in the preparation of Health and Safety Files

- Project CDM compliance reviews


CDM Consult can also act as your retained CDM 2015 Advisor / Trainer to ensure that you and your staff are fully aware of the 2015 Regulations and any resulting impact on your legal duties.